Whole Sale Signs and Printing provide custom School Signs which are a great way to show school pride. They are made in durable and high-quality materials with vibrant colors to make sure they look amazing, while also being able to withstand the outdoor elements. With the ability to customize each sign, these signs create an exciting atmosphere around the school, enabling anyone who visits or passes by it to easily identify where they are. Additionally, these signs can be created with different messages, such as welcoming visitors or displaying important information about the school such as upcoming events. Whole Sale Signs and Printing guarantees that their custom School Signs will help bring life and character to any educational environment.


Types of School Signs

The numerous sign types and materials our team will need to use to satisfy your objectives, along with the project’s scope, decide the price of school signs. We use unique designs that highlight your school’s identity and set you apart. Here are a few illustrations:

University Monument Sign: A noticeable entrance sign that introduces your institution and leaves a lasting impression.

College Wayfinding Signs: Wall signs, panel signs, and hanging signs used in colleges serve as directional aids for both visitors and students.

University Lawn Signs: A-frames or H-stakes with various uses are utilized as university lawn signs. These can provide guidance, show news and events, and do much more.

School vinyl banners: Banners that often bear the name and logo of the institution. These are used outside for branding. These can be utilized inside the school in a variety of ways, such as events and creating school spirit.

School LED Signs: These are useful since they may express a number of ideas and are frequently used outside of schools. This may include scheduling for games and other significant notifications.

Uses for School Signs

They support your company in numerous ways

Wayfinding: Your restaurant is easily found thanks to the exterior signs. Without any signage, customers in a busy location can miss your restaurant. Even worse, if they can’t find you, they might just choose a different restaurant. You may also use wayfinding markers within your restaurant to direct customers to the restrooms or other parts of the eatery. Lighted menu signage for restaurants are a great choice. These give you constant visibility so that customers can find you even at night.

Branding: This type of signage is excellent for branding. They distinguish you from other restaurants. When people enjoy themselves while dining with you, they will think of you anytime they see your signs. These aid in establishing expectations. They gain a better understanding of the kinds of menu alternatives you offer by seeing your brand.

Promotional Tool: Signs outside of restaurants can be used for marketing. This is beneficial, especially if you are in the middle of a negotiation. These indicators aid in increasing interest in your marketing promotions. Sandwich boards and personalized banners are two types of signs that can increase restaurant traffic.

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