Results beyond the ink.

 “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” At Wholesale design & print we believe these words of wisdom are words to live by and we do everything in our power to make sure our customers’ first impressions are, well, impressive.

Screen Printing

 Screen printing is the process of pushing colored inks through a fine mesh screen and onto a material underneath. We can control where the ink comes through the screen by using a special coating that hardens and blocks the mesh. Using an imaging machine, we selectively soften the coating and wash it away to expose the areas that we want to print when ink is pushed along the screen with a squeegee. While screen printing is a more manual process than digital printing.

Screen Printing

 WSP wide-format digital printing services combine the quality you need with the capacity to get the job done quickly. Also called flatbed digital printing or UV sheet digital printing, using an inkjet array and color correction technology, we are able to print high-quality images using 4 color process inks, with the addition of light cyan, light magenta for an expanded color gamut, and available white onto a range of plastic  or paper substrates.

Pop Graphics

 A point-of-purchase display is a marketing tool installed at a retail store used to promote a particular product. POP displays increase sales by showcasing the brand, a product’s features, and can even demonstrate how it’s used. Using appealing imagery and creative design, POP signage grabs a consumer’s attention at the
physical store at the time of purchase within the checkout aisles, and major foot traffic areas.

Retail Signage

 We understand that creating a welcoming, engaging, and attractive shopping experience are important factors in retail marketing. That’s why our focus is to make sure your graphics look as good as you imagined! When you choose WPS Printing as your retail signage partner, you’re investing in a reliable vendor that generates the market’s best eyecatching signage in time for your store promotion.



 Wholesale Signs & Printing delivers exceptional facility service for each customers’ need; so whether you require a contract or a specific service it will be actioned and tracked keeping you up-to-date on progress and completion.


We understand that tight deadlines are common in our industry which is why our team of project managers can help coach you
through any challenge because we want your projects to succeed time and again.
Our expert artists can help modify and format any artwork for your perfect result. We offer proofs, prototypes, and optimized layouts
that save you money! In addition, WSP also has a refined workflow that reduces lead time and order tracking.


 Digital printing offers the benefits of high resolution photographic like results with low waste, large 63”x123” sheet capabilities, quick
turnarounds, color consistency, and efficient production. In addition, NGS Printing is also able to digitally print directly to
polystyrene, Coroplast, Sintra/Komatex, PETG, acrylic, vinyl, paper stocks and other material types with 6 color process + white
ink! In addition, NGS Printing is one of the few Qualified G7 Master Digital Printers in the country


 WSP Printing has the capability to finish any job with CNC routering, digital die cutting, guillotine cutting, heat bending, laminating,
back slitting, and steel rule die cutting. NGS uses optical registration for amazing print to cut accuracy to ensure all parts are
identical. WSP recently became the first company in North America to own the Zund D3 digital finishing system which is 2x as
efficient as comparable machines on the market! This investment will help with faster turnaround times, great efficiency, lower
labor costs, and cost savings passed to our customers. No matter the project, NGS will get it done!


 Many retail signage and POP display jobs have more requirements than being printed and cut, which is why WSP Printing offers
complete fulfillment capabilities ranging from kit packing, collating, taping, mounting, or bagging. With our experienced fulfillment
crew no project is too big, small or complex.