Whole Sale Signs and Printing provides custom salon signs that deliver an attractive, customized look to your business. Whether it is outdoor signage, window signage, or indoor décor, the team is able to craft solutions that match your exact specifications. The highest quality materials are used to ensure longevity and durability, while their experienced artists and graphic designers can help create designs that capture the unique identity of your salon. Advertise with one-of-a-kind salon signs that make a lasting impression on customers.


Beauty Salon Signs​

Setting your goals before beginning a new sign project will assist you choose the type of signage. Once that’s done, you can start choosing the best salon sign solutions for your requirements.

Hair Salon Logo: Presenting your logo to the world is the first step in creating your identity.

Outdoor salon signs: can enhance your brand’s visibility and draw in more customers. These aid in promoting the services you provide to your intended audience. Advertising instance, yard signage for salons can draw in potential clients who are passing by on foot or in a car.

Interior salon signage: are essential to creating a positive first impression with customers. The first step in this process is a striking reception sign that promotes your business. You can also have menu boards that list the many services you provide.

Barber signs: Customers who visit barbers often come from a diverse demographic. Custom barber signs are more straightforward and reflect the simplest nature of the services that are offered to your customers.

Using Signage Outside Beauty Salons to Promote Your Services

For increased business, barbershops and beauty salons heavily rely on foot traffic. Informing your target market of the kinds of services they can receive from you is a smart approach to differentiate yourself from other salons.

One of your most valuable features is your windows. Utilize salon window graphics to convert your shop windows into cost-free advertising locations. Using vinyl graphics applied directly to your windows, you can promote offers and promotions or highlight your area of specialty.
A great way to increase traffic to your salon is to place salon banners all throughout the neighbourhood. They stand out and can be seen even from a distance.

To let customers know that you are a business they may come, even basic barber signs with your name and logo at the centre are sufficient. The trick is to use your signs to draw attention to your salon or store.

Don’t let a lack of signage cause your company to disappear into the distance. Use appealing sign solutions for your salons to show customers why you are the best option!

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