Car & Truck Wraps

Car & Truck Wraps

Whole Sale Signs and Printing provides custom wraps, graphics, and signs for cars, trucks, vans and motorcycles. We offer wrap design solutions such as custom car wraps, motorcycle wraps, truck & van wraps, bus wraps and garage door magnet signs. We have experience in helping businesses with promotional vinyl decals that fit your brand and target audience. Our expert staff will help you come up with an idea that is tailored to your specific needs. If you already have a concept in mind or even need help designing it – we can create that for you too!

Car & Truck Wraps
Car & Truck Wraps
Car & Truck Wraps
Car & Truck Wraps

Why Custom Car & Truck Wraps?

  • Studies reveal that 97% of people recall seeing automobile and truck covers.
  • Vehicle wrap users reported an average 107% increase in sales.
  • According to 96% of respondents, fleet had a bigger impact than billboards.

What Is A Vehicle Wrap?

A fleet wrap, truck wrap, or car wrap are all forms of vehicle wrapping. Custom truck and automobile wraps are put on the outside of your vehicle and are composed of a sturdy vinyl material. The vehicle wrapping for your car, truck, or van is done by skilled installers here at Whole Sale Signs and Printing. Your car will be turned into a mobile billboard for your company.

Full Vehicle Wraps

These eye-catching, full-color vinyl wraps provide seamless vehicle coverage and help you completely personalize your style, message, and brand. A full auto wrap is the best option for those that wish to increase their visibility.

Partial Vehicle Wraps

Partial car wraps are made to focus on particular portions of your car for branding and business promotion. Any part of your car, such as a door, side panel, tailgate, hood, bumper, or any combination thereof, is up for grabs. This can be an excellent alternative if you’re on a tight budget because it gives the appearance of a full wrap without the price..

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