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Channel Letters provide excellent visibility when compared to sign boxes, channel letters provide a greater flexibility of design and offer a much more dramatic appearance. One of the most attractive benefits of using channel letters is the limitless range of fonts available; the unique construction on channel letters makes it possible for their use to extend beyond the traditional worded sign to consist of contour boxes, logos, and even pictures to give each sign a distinctive appearance.Font and color personalization is one of the many benefits of using channel letters to promote your business or organization. Our products have appeared on office buildings, shopping and retail centers, restaurants, banks and many other types of businesses and institutions. Front Lit Front Lit Channel Letters Are A Popular Choice Occasionally referred to as standard channel letters, front lit channel letters are the most widely used channel letters and are commonly found in and around retail malls and outdoor shopping centers. Each letter consists of a durable aluminum composite panel (ACP) backing and sides made from pre-finished aluminum channel letter coils, typically painted white on the inside and available in a variety of colors for the outside of the letters.

Standard Channel Letters are the most common electric signs utilized by retail and commercial businesses. There are many variations of the standard channel letter that can be custom tailored to fit your needs and your budget. Channel letters can be illuminated, non-illuminated, flush mounted, or installed on a raceway, depending on your needs and circumstances. Channel letters are not restricted to just letters, but can include contour cabinets and other design elements to give the sign a unique look.

Open Face channel letters are an excellent choice for businesses that need a highly conspicuous night signage presence, such as restaurants, nightclubs and bars
Neon is the illumination source for this letter type, and the neon is actually exposed (instead of being encased behind colored acrylic.) The face of this letter is typically open, but an optional clear acrylic face is also available.
An open face letter return (side) is 3” instead of the usual 5”. This gives the neon illumination full exposure and ensures the sign can be easily read.

Front & Back Illuminated Channel Letters are constructed to provide not only a front illuminated channel letter but also a reverse “halo” effect. This product can be assembled using one or two colors of illumination. In fact at night time it gives glow from the front as well as from the back, So it is a combination of modren and contemporary styles.You can use different colors for the front and the back.

Halo Lit Channel Letters

We produce halo letters for interior mall signs for specialty retail stores or external strip plaza or industrial settings. The halo sign can be mounted on marble, stucco or concrete, we use polycarbonate backers so as to avoid the reflectivity of the surface exposed the interior of the letters also the LEDs, because this may cause diffusing of the light.
Halo lighting in channel letters is widely used . Upscale stores had been using the technique for some time. halo letterings speaks of understated elegance or sophistication. It is a more laid back light source.

When should be use halo-lit signs?

It has to be used in circumstances where all the forces come together – no competition from ambient lighting or open lit windows, existence of porous background surfaces as opposed to reflective surfaces, light colored background surfaces, viewing distances appropriate to the size of the copy. We suggest it if all these elements come together.
Interior designers and architects rather to suggest their customers to use halo lit signs than traditional illuminated signs, upscale stores more likely to use halo letters more than most establishments because of the subtlety in an interior environment.
Jewelry stores signs mostly use halo lit letters, stainless steel channel letters, also restaurants want to make their storefront distinguish themselves from others.
Anyway using halo lit signs is one of the best choice.

Channel Letters With Changing Color Leds
Color changing LED channel letters is a all together new concept and makes use of RGB properties of LED’s which when mixed together, can create millions of colors. There are two types of Color changing LED channel letters:

LED channel letters

1. Exposed pixel led channel letters
2. LED channel letters with white plexi face.

In the first type of channel letters , the letter faces are made of aluminum and LEDs are pushed thru the aluminum face which has holes in it. During the day time, LEDs are clear so we see the aluminum face color. But when at night, LEDs glow and change color we their effect. These are very good for grabbing the attention at night.
In the second type, there is a plastic face in front of the letters and LEDs are behind the plastic face. During the daytime they look as the standard channel letters with white plastic face but at night time, when LED changes color , that is reflected through the white plastic.

Illuminated Sign Box
This consists of an electric sign box fronted with translucent plastic. Lights in the sign box cause the message to be visible at night. The face can be covered with printed or regular vinyl. Signs Outlet can re-face your existing backlit signage or in some cases create and mount a new backlit sign.Illuminated sign boxes are one of our main product lines. All illuminated sign boxes are manufactured from quality aluminium profiles and electrics.
Faces for illuminated sign boxes are made with Plexiglas or Lexan which is decorated with either computer cut vinyl films, digitally printed backlit vinyl or we can make illuminated sign boxes with display panels made from fret cut and inlaid Perspex.

External Trough Lights

Light weight & easy to install
Brilliant lighting properties- no shadows or dark spots
Ultra reliable- proven system which we have been installed by us with no problems or tube failures.
Completely weather proof- Our trough lights are manufactured from extruded aluminium.

Goose Neck Lights
The name “gooseneck” derives from the long, slender neck of the fixture that can be turned and angled at any direction. Not only does this allow for a precise distribution of light over the sign, but it also creates a highly aesthetic decorative factor that enhances the façade of the building. Buildings in historical district, as well as offices with theme architecture, are greatly enhanced by the aesthetic appeal that gooseneck lights contribute to their façades.The goose neck lights give contemporary look and can shine the non illuminated sign during the night time.
The sign can be cut out letters, non illuminated channel letters or aluminum faces with graphics, they can shine any of them. Depending upon your budget and look you can choose non illuminated sign and have the goose neck lights shine light on them.

LED displays and signs encompasses a variety of products at Signs Outlet. We stock everything from LED lettering, LED signage, illuminated totems and even illuminated counter top displays. Using our LED light box displays saves you money as they use less power than traditional illuminated displays.
LEDs also last longer than conventional bulbs, with a lifespan of up to 100,000 hours, which again saves on maintenance costs incurred due to the replacement of spent and damaged fluorescent tubes. LED displays are also a good replacement for neon signage as the later contains some heavy metals which go to landfill at the end of its life cycle.

Light Box
We are manufacturer of quality sign boxes or sign cabinets. All light box signs and illuminated signs are specified to achieve the maximum lighting and glow levels. Using special transparent acrylic or unbreakable polycarbonate panels for the signwriting, we also apply special translucent vinyl letters onto the face of the panel for extra bright lettering at night.