Fleet Wraps

Fleet Wraps

If you are looking for a quality fleet wrap that will reflect your brand, look no further than Whole Sale Signs and Printing Co! Our experienced sign company has the ability to create custom and personalized print solutions designed just for your business.

Fleet Wraps
Fleet Wraps
Fleet Wraps
Fleet Wraps

Why Should You Consider Fleet Wrapping?

  • Fleet wraps are movable advertisements that run every day of the year, day and night, in good weather or bad.
  • Every day, commercial fleet graphics produce 30,000 to 70,000 marketing impressions.
  • When compared to other conventional methods of outdoor advertising, fleet wraps are by far the most economical because they only require a single upfront expenditure and last for many years.
  • Compared to other forms of advertising media, it increases brand identification 15 times more.
  • For businesses who employ regular service cars to convey their goods, fleet vehicle wraps are an excellent branding solution.
  • Because they increase the number of brand touchpoints, custom fleet wraps promote sales and company expansion.
  • Whether you own a large or small business, fleet graphics can help you grow it by simply advertising your goods and services.

Your Fleet Vehicle Wrap Options

There are a few various kinds of custom fleet wraps to think about, including vehicle lettering/graphics, partial vehicle wraps, and complete vehicle wraps.

Vehicle Lettering/Graphics

The simplest type of car wrapping is vehicle lettering or graphics. This wrapping comprises writing, numbers, or graphics that are cut out individually, pre-positioned, and then mounted on your vehicle as a single piece for a neat and polished appearance. Without the additional cost of a complete or partial car wrap, fleet lettering and graphics are excellent for increasing brand awareness and for advertising your contact information, website, and services to onlookers.

Partial Vehicle Wraps

The next step up from full vehicle wrapping is partial wrapping, which enables a small- to medium-sized vinyl graphic or sticker to be put directly over the car’s existing paint. A relatively affordable option to promote your company’s branding and strategic messaging is through partial vehicle wraps. If you prefer to add more information later, such as a logo, photographs, contact details, etc., you can always customize.

Full Vehicle Wraps

A full vehicle wrap is a sizable vinyl design or sticker that is put completely over the car’s existing paint. They enable you to display many messages on your car, such showcasing various goods and services or emphasising your business’s USP, and they aid in ensuring optimum brand visibility.

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